D – Direct: He decided based on a $2 bet. A “D” never refuses a challenge. He decided immediately and said, “Yes, I’ll do it. Let me know when and where and I’ll be there.” He never gave it another thought until it was time to jump. He asked only a few basic questions and jumped. He landed beautifully, climbed out of his parachute and walked away. He expected someone else to gather up the chute and do whatever people do with used parachutes.

I – Influential: She was with a group of people who decided to go sky diving for the first time. It sounded like fun so she went along. She talked to everyone she met. She talked to the pilot, and the other people getting ready to jump. She was encouraging and friendly. It was only as she was falling through the air that she realized she had forgotten to put on a parachute. Fortunately, one of her friends caught up with her and they shared a parachute, She talked all the way down.

S – Steady: she said she would think about it. She watched a few movies about sky diving, decided it wasn’t for her and forgot about it.

C – Cautious: He made no commitment when asked, He thought about it, watched some movies, went into the backyard, took a step stool and placed it against a saw horse, practicing jumping and decided he would do it. He proceeded to learn everything there was to know about jumping and practiced on ever-higher platforms. He went to parachute school and learned to pack his own parachute, He was finally ready. He was scared but determined to overcome his fear. He had 2 parachutes in case one failed him. He jumped perfectly. He landed, folded up his chute and went home.

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